Neo Microns Pvt Ltd has Geotextiles having wide range of end-uses in pavements/roads/railroad beds/airfields, retaining wall earth embankment, concrete revetment, drain construction waterways, coastal engineering/defense, landfill, industrial and contaminated land reclamation.

With state of the art weaving technology and strict quality control we ensure that the fabrics comply with the high requirements of our customers.

Made from individually woven polypropylene yarns and manufactured with high tensile strength and low elongations. Woven geotextiles provide dimensional stability and deliver superior load distribution, reducing rutting and extending the life of paved and unpaved roadways. They are also ideal for applications that address subsurface drainage, soil separation, stabilization and silt fencing.

Soil Separation and Stabilization

Woven geotextile fabrics can extend the expected life of roads and parking lots by stabilizing the soil subgrade in areas with excessive moisture or poor subgrade compaction.

Our soil separation and stabilization geotextiles provide stabilization by leveraging its low elongations and woven construction in road applications. They are ideal for the construction of embankments over soft soils, steepened slopes, and modular block and/or wrapped-face retaining walls. They all save the end user time and money by reducing the need for expensive soil remediation steps.


GEO woven monofilament geotextiles are designed to be resistant to biological clogging, making them ideal for French drains and landfill leachate collection systems. They are cost-effective, easily installed filter that keep aggregate or geosynthetic drainage systems clog-free to ensure long-term performance. They are ideal for filtration beneath hard armor systems and around leachate collection pipes.

Soil Reinforcement

Soil reinforcement geotextiles are designed to meet the high performance demands of structural reinforcement in civil and environmental applications. These high-strength woven fabrics are ideal for the construction of embankments over soft soils, steepened slopes, and modular block and/or wrapped-face retaining walls.


  • With a design alternative incorporating geotextile, immediate cost saving are possible through one or more of the following:
  • Partial or full replacement of sand blanket / capping layer / stabilization lift
  • Reduction in depth of excavation
  • With the use of geotextile separator, there is no need of sacrificial aggregate
  • Reduction in aggregate crust thickness
  • Possibility of using less expensive aggregate pavement designs incorporating woven geotextiles also offers substantial long term benefits in form of better performance, longer life and lower maintenance cost.