Woven Silt Fence

Silt fences are a temporary barrier of geotextile fabric used to retain erosion of silt and other sediment from polluting nearby streams, rivers, drains, and sensitive environments. Sediment such as sand, silt, and clay are considered as pollutants in storm water runoff systems. Silt fences act as a vertical permeable interceptor for areas exposed to sediment-laden waters.

It is important to distinguish that silt fences are not known to be used as erosion control devices, but are used for sediment control. They are commonly installed with support of poles, stakes, mesh wire, or a combination thereof. Mesh wire metal backing support provides the geotextile fence with increased strength to resist the weight of soil and water that may be present within a large drainage area or field.

Our woven silt fence geotextile is used as a temporary sediment control Best Management Practice to protect water quality. The geotextile fabric is capable of retaining soil but allowing water to filter through, thereby preventing sediment pollution of adjacent waterways.